Across America Home and Auto Policyholders Get Stiffed by Liberty Mutual

Across America Home and Auto Policyholders Get Stiffed by Liberty Mutual

After documenting how shoddily Liberty Mutual (LM) has treated injured victim Cheryl Harris, we found hundreds of scathing reports filed by persons covered by Liberty Mutual's home and auto insurance policies and victims of LM insureds across the nation. Report after report described the anger and frustration of Liberty Mutual policyholders and victims who feel they have been misled, lied to and defrauded.

Policyholders describe Liberty Mutual as "crooks" and a "sham" and compare them to the "mafia." They say "Liberty Mutual should be investigated for insurance fraud, sued for illegal practices and that "The government needs to step in and shut these clowns down for good!"

Here are a sample of excerpts from home owner complaints:

Liberty Mutual Corruption: Home Policyholder Complaints

leslie of Arnold, MD...June 15, 2018
My 92 year old parents have had Liberty Mutual auto and life insurance policies since the 1950s... Because of our extraordinary dissatisfaction with Liberty Mutual's response to my parents' claim, both the auto insurance policies and the homeowners policy will be canceled. We comparison shopped and found that State Farm would provide car insurance and homeowners for $220 a month less than Liberty Mutual.

Josh of Carnation, WA... June 6, 2018
I cannot even begin to express how disappointed I have been with how our Home Insurance Claim has been handled by Liberty Mutual...Many of our phone calls have taken weeks to be returned, our contractors have received intimidating and coercing phone calls from our claims adjuster attempting to get them to side with Liberty Mutual on the scope of the repair and to top it off, Liberty Mutual has not only told us that they won't budge on their stance but has told us that if we want any further action we would have to sue them. Absolutely unreal. My family has already pulled their business out of Liberty Mutual and I plan on making sure everyone else in my life stays away from this crooked organization.

Jesse of Lic, NY...June 4, 2018
What good is insurance if they don't pay for damage to the house. The insurance rates have more than doubled, while the value of the house has dropped by half. Insurance is a scam.

Claude of Decorah, IA... May 23, 2018
Adjuster left us with estimates he calculated and evidently only of what they wanted to pay for damages, not actual costs of repair. Then wouldn't release final payment of balance, cheap way of screwing people out of about 30% of claim...Not to mention the company has raised our rates three times to almost five times what the original policy cost was!!

Melissa of Columbus, GA...May 11, 2018
They canceled my homeowner's insurance after being with them since 2006. They claim I don't stay in the home which I do. I still have a mortgage on the home. The people in customer service were unhelpful. They also canceled my auto insurance two years ago for no reason. Never do business with them!!!

Debi of Santee, CA...May 1, 2018
STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS...We have retained an attorney and hope that others will make it a class action lawsuit... go anywhere but this lame, lying, deceitful, so called home insurance company.

Rob of Gouldsboro, PA...April 20, 2018
What a joke of a company. With them for 10 years, no claims ever... had to have a roofing company come out to do repairs. Total was $7900...Then of course after I paid out of pocket I finally got their paperwork and was told a total of $116 payment was paid to my claim. Guess what Liberty Mutual? I work with 3000 people and each and every one will be told to not to do business with you, thanks very much.

Danielle of Aurora, CO...: April 19, 2018
My credit union had been trying to warn me that I was paying too much for insurance. They went to raise my homeowners insurance again for more than $1,000 a year, and I decided to shop around. I found a much better deal with a great company...also saving $100 a month on my car insurance...never waste your money with this company! It's like throwing money into a fire.

Janet of Marshfield, MO...April 10, 2018
Without sufficient notice, they hiked my homeowners premium over 300%... When I called to find out why the astronomical price increase I was told it was statewide increase, which I find impossible to believe. Refused to refund the payment even though I cancelled the policy. Horrible, horrible way to treat a long-term customer. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE COMPANY.

Josh of Osceola, IN...April 2, 2018
...we would strongly recommend avoiding any policy underwritten by Liberty Mutual. It is unacceptable that customers would be treated this way. It is infuriating that insurance companies will find any and all loopholes out of their responsibilities to the policies we pay for.

Rivaldy of Mahopac, NY... March 10, 2018
If I could give 0 star I would for this company... I really really really would not recommend this insurance company at all cost.

Laurie of Coventry, CT... March 7, 2018
Liberty Mutual is not there for their customers and their advertising of they are there for their customers and not like other companies is bull. They take your money and won't pay out on legitimate claims. They find loopholes in order to get out of paying for claims. I will never recommend them to anyone. Very bad customer service and don't give a crap about people.

Jonathan of Brooklyn, NY... Feb. 28, 2018
Dealing with them has been a complete nightmare. They are an evil greedy corporation...avoid business with them at all costs! At this point I'm going to pass this over to my lawyer...

Ann of Waterbury, CT... Feb. 12, 2018
If you are considering Liberty Mutual for insurance, be sure to check on the internet for all the negative feedback and complaints against Liberty Mutual as you will be amazed. They will grab your money and pay out menial but refuse to pay any larger claims. Furthermore, we were paying over $2,000 a year for homeowners insurance and for the exact same coverage we are now paying less than half that cost for insurance from Farmers Insurance...

Adam of Sandy, UT...Jan. 16, 2018
I filed a claim last year for a little bit of damage caused by a broken pipe from freezing weather. The estimate to repair was $1,500 with a $500 deductible. So Liberty Mutual paid about $1,000 for this claim. Then later in the year when my policy renewed, the premium went up from 1,080 per year to 2,180 per year, more than the cost of the claim!!! Don't do business with these crooks unless you don't plan on using the insurance!

Jeri of Iron Station, NC... Jan. 6, 2018
I will NEVER do business with Liberty Mutual for any reason in Home or Auto.

Petr of Cambridge, MA...Dec. 20, 2017
Glad seeing so many 1-star reviews meaning that I'm not alone. Had a minor leak from the roof pipe because of the heavy rain, which then grew worse after another rain. Filed the claim, they called back and said that since the damage was accumulating, they won't pay for it. Saw no desire to be on consumer's side, only a desire to avoid paying. Stay away from them. The representatives totally unresponsive, no help, no understanding. Find yourself another vendor.

Kristin of Ridgefield, CT...Nov. 26, 2017
We have been insured through Liberty Mutual for homeowners, auto and flood insurance since 2009. Each year...the rates have increased, without ever making a claim. For the first few years, the rates would only go up by about $100-$150/year, but for the last few years the homeowners rates have increased by about $500-$600/year! The auto has also increased, and we have no tickets, accidents or anything on either record...

In the past I have looked into switching to another company, but this year I am finally going to do it. I have looked into other companies and for the exact same coverage I save almost $2000! Don't insure through Liberty Mutual. Your rates might be low for the first year, but they will keep going up and up.

Aprile of Newport Coast, CA...Nov. 23, 2017
I carried auto, renters and homeowners insurance with Liberty Mutual for years. The payments were auto deducted from my checking account. I cancelled the homeowners after no longer owned property. I don't look at amounts deducted so it took me a while to notice Liberty was still deducting for homeowners a year later. After speaking with customer service they denied me cancelling account. They refused to reimburse me and subsequently sent me a bill for premium after cancelling auto deduct...Don't use this company. They are crooks. I have severe health issues and everything is an effort and the stress and frustration is more damaging to my health than the loss of money. Save yourself and avoid this company.

JASON of Decatur, AL...Oct. 26, 2017
I was with Liberty Mutual insurance for 3 years and every year my rate jumped up about 400.00 to 500.00 dollars a year. I had no claims, tickets or incidents. The reason they told me of the rate increase is because of all the claims everyone has filed from the storms and hurricanes!

Mary of Stafford, TX...Oct. 3, 2017
Liberty Mutual have No intention paying claims for Hurricane Harvey. I been with them nearly 30 years and I am so disappointed with the way my claim was handled. I had damages to kitchen cabinets from wind blowing rain water into kitchen window back wall area. Power outage 17 hours...The adjuster was not interested in the damages... I received a phone call days later informing me they are not paying the claim. I was also told unless the power line was down in my yard and I verified it, only then they will pay for food spoilage. That was very insensitive. After suffering a major loss of all my foods that was in the fridge...

Barbara of Chandler, AZ...Sept. 27, 2017
I bought a home and the title agency signed me up for this homeowners insurance. Six months later I learned it is charging me double what I should be paying. I cancelled and got another co. Now I want my refund. They are being VERY SLOW at issuing me a check.

Sara of Oaklsnd, CA...Sept. 11, 2017
After a plumbing mishap and water damage, LibMut sent in Paul Davis Restoration to quickly start drying in prep for demolition. An incompetent freelance adjuster delayed producing a settlement for a month so I paid for reconstruction myself. Not only did LM claim my repairs were only worth 30% of actual cost, 4 months later, Paul David (their restoration sub) wrote me they were owed $10,800!! Willful bad faith.

Daniel Bryant of Winchester, TN... Aug. 30, 2017
We had a house fire. It was started by a new dryer in our basement. Liberty Mutual sued the dryer company. Got their money. We had paid Liberty for full replacement insurance for all contents. We receive 1/10 of what we were owed...They did not replace anything. They told us to take or leave it. They sent out two 6'6" goons to intimidate us at Service Master. They told us if we did not shut up we would never get anything... When you purchase insurance from Liberty Mutual, you might as well flush your premium down the toilet...We just hired a contractor to do some tile work in our new house. He related that he had Liberty Mutual insurance on his vehicles. He lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. They blame his gout for the amputation and would not cover medical bills. He was in intensive care at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville for 5 months. He also had a visit from their goons. He was run over by a truck that had Liberty Mutual insurance. They had him coming and going. There are so many nightmare stories about Liberty Mutual out there...Don't believe their advertisements. Please pass on the information on Facebook, warn the people against this company...

April of Montgomery, AL...Aug. 13, 2017
It was bad enough that my home was violated by some punks but what really makes the situation even worse is that I was questioned by the claims department like I was on the stand for capital murder... 95% of the questions that I was asked were regarding my personal life and the other 5% were about the break in... After all of this is over I will most definitely change insurance companies. I can take my money to another company that will appreciate me as being a customer. I am done with Liberty Mutual...I feel tormented.

Jesse of Charlotte, NC...July 15, 2017
Liberty Mutual wrongfully and with wanton disregard turned my small home based business in to collections for 300k. They then sued me for 95k. After a year of litigation they agreed to settle for 2k. Die in HELL!

Ollie of Estill Springs, TN...July 9, 2017
On 11-07-2015 while my wife and I were away our house caught fire from a outlet. There was not a lot of fire damage, but heat, soot, and water. At first they were talking to us then they said possible arson, they accused and threated us, my wife and I went and hired a lawyer. Our damages for house and contents was around $200,000.00. We had some antiques, new double oven and other newer appliances, not counting all of clothes, everything in the house had smoke and soot on and in them. They offered us $89,000.00 total in July 2016, we are going to court and they still have not offered any more than $130,000.00. Liberty Mutual should be investigated for the way it treats its customers. Plus they increased our premium from $1100.00 to $2500.00 a year. My wife and I are retired and I am disabled.

Daniel of Burbak, IL... June 16, 2017
These people are the worse. They take your money and when it comes to paying a claim they try to find every excuse possible not to pay for certain things...Do not waste your time with them. Find someone else.

Marc of Arvada, CO...June 1, 2017
I would highly recommend against doing business with Liberty Mutual!!!

George of Coatesville, PA...May 23, 2017
This company can take their insurance and their products and shove them where the sun does not shine. I would not waste taking the time to let one of their hacks into your home. Go with a more reputable company. Liberty Mutual is the bottom of the barrel. Horrible company.

Gary of Wylie, TX...May 10, 2017
When we were hit by baseball size hail in 2016. I spent 6 months of my life fighting daily with Liberty Mutual who paid out ACV reimbursement [insurer pays to repair or replace your roof, less your deductible and depreciation for the age and type of roof] instead of RCV [full replacement cost value] for damaged items and I only ended up receiving 1/5 of the RCV reimbursement. Liberty Mutual - our claim rep, and his Boss rarely returned phone calls, never answer emails and basically just blew me off. I was totally on my own fighting for my claim reimbursement. What a miserable and isolated experience to go through. Do not get coverage from LIBERTY MUTUAL unless you never have a claim to file.

OLIVER of Canyon Lake, TX...May 10, 2017
Had a claim on my home and they literally refuse to pay the contractor what was required. They tried to not pay for all the repairs to my home. Moreover, if you get home insurance with them, watch your rates go up every year. They trick you by giving you different credits then one-by-one they drop off yearly driving up your insurance cost. I have canceled my insurance with them!

Nathan of Troy, IL...April 9, 2017
Liberty Mutual is hands down the worst insurance company in America today. I had this insurer for two claims I was handling on behalf of Home Owners who had suffered loss due to hail and wind damage in Illinois. I worked 200 claims last year and Liberty Mutual insured two of those claims representing 1% of the claims for 2016. Is it coincidence that those two claims were by far the worst two claims of the year? Can I chalk that up to coincidence, or is this the practice of the insurer who simply refuses to pay out when a loss occurs?...Blow the whistle on this company as it is more than evident these God awful claims are not the result of incompetent adjusters because the math and probability of such a thing is impossible. This is the result of company policy and procedure that simply teach their entire team not to indemnify homeowners after a loss, even after price gouging the elderly and the poor...The government needs to step in and shut these clowns down for good...When you hear the name Liberty Mutual you better run for your life. Spread the word to all your friends and family to cancel their policies with this insurance company if they know what's good for them. Unless they love paying overpriced premiums for insurance that is never going to be available to them when they do need to make a claim.

Jim of Kailua, HI...March 24, 2017
Worst homeowners insurance company. Zero stars...They are greedy, saw possibility of actually having to pay a claim and cancel many policies here in Hawaii. They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau for bad practices and are not true to what they say.

John of South Bend, IN... March 18, 2017
I had a blanket coverage for Jewelry. When I lost a few items they concluded the items stolen instead of lost and have taken more than six months to resolve...Never ever in 25 years dealt with such stubbornness. Liberty Mutual Prides itself in paying claims, but on their time & terms! I pray you will see this and avoid... It even grosses me out that this international company uses our statue of liberty for their branding.

Kathleen of Lawrenceburg, IN...March 8, 2017
My husband and I have had Liberty Mutual insurance for one year for auto and home. We received notice that both rates increased, especially the homeowners insurance...We had no insurance claims within this year. He could not give me a justifiable reason. Same with the auto insurance. I have not had an accident in twenty years nor a speeding ticket. I live in rural Indiana. Yet my auto ins. increased. We are in the process of canceling coverage with this company.

Thomas of Austin, TX...March 1, 2017
I finally LEFT Liberty Mutual insurance for good. I took ALL my family members and friends AWAY. For those of you want Liberty Mutual to be your home/auto, do yourself a favor. Do your research online....You buy insurance because you will need some insurance stand behind you and fix the problems with ease to you and NOT add headache to your issue. We LEFT and much much happy with the current insurance company that we have now. 

James of Salt Lake City, UT... Feb. 14, 2017
I had insurance with them for almost 2 years. I'm disabled barely making it. Never had a claim. They increased my premium without telling me and took it off my debit without even asking me. I ask why and the lady told me they had to pay out a lot for other claims. They made me short on my food that month... The Salt Lake City Utah office all they're about is money. Nothing else.

Isidro of Pueblp, CO...Feb. 3, 2017
I do not recommend Liberty Mutual. As they say in their TV ad I didn't pick the wrong insurance policy I picked the wrong insurance company. I have been their customers for about ten years and this is how they treat their customers - bad, bad, very bad.

Aarti of Antelope, CA...Jan. 25, 2017
Couple weeks ago, we had called Liberty Mutual for a leak that was coming thru our window panel. First we were told that this would be covered. Then we found out that the mold was over 14 days old so it would not be covered. From there onwards, this company has been nothing but a nightmare. The worst insurance company to deal with and the people working there are liars. Stay away from this company. I am cancelling their service.

Terra of Grand Island, NY...Jan. 12, 2017
I have had Liberty Mutual for over 17 years and never once filed a claim. The past month has been hell with them...I am canceling my policy... Go elsewhere, do not trust their commercials. They leave you high and dry.

L. V. of Spring Branch, TX...Nov. 26, 2016
My husband I cancelled out insurance with Liberty Mutual over a month ago... Don't insure with Liberty Mutual or watch your billing and policies VERY closely!

Al of Chicago, IL...Oct. 18, 2016
House had a kitchen fire in May of 2016. It is now October 18th and Liberty Mutual has run me through 3 investigators and last week they actually sent me to their lawyer to be deposed under oath! They are not accusing me of anything, nor was the fire my fault. They have raised my premium over the course of 6 years from $1,100 to $2,400 and the recent claim has been my only claim. Five months since the fire and Liberty Mutual is not there to help. I am without a house, and apparently I have to start begging friends for help to get my house fixed.

Stacey of Rye, CO...Oct. 8, 2016
We purchased a Home and auto package from Liberty Mutual about 3 years ago. During these three years, we have never had a claim nor have we had any tickets. We noticed last year on our homeowners it went up, due to inflation. Ok fine. Then this year in June my auto payment that is taken directly from my acct went up. Not just a little, A LOT! So I call them. Our vehicle policy went up $650 a year. Never having a claim or a ticket, I'm furious. Their only explanation to me is it's a State Increase. Even the lady I talked to thought it was a bit extreme. So we find a new insurance company, Nationwide, who ends up getting us a policy for almost 1000 dollars less than what we were paying. That's not the end... we call Liberty Mutual to cancel our policy September 1st. They say we owe them for September for auto and will be receiving a final bill.

They also tell us we will be receiving a check in the mail for a refund for our mortgage insurance. We receive the bill 2 days later. The check on the other hand, still has not gotten to us almost 40 days later and 2 phone calls. First time they mailed it to the wrong address. Hmmm. Second time we call Elizabeth **. Says she will mail us the check, instead she reactivates our policy applying our refund to a policy that we closed, but I'm sure they will want their final payment within 40 days for the auto payment. Ummm can you say circus! Get it together. I will NEVER recommend these clowns! We are notifying our attorney.

Chris of Ottawa, IL...Sept. 19, 2016
They are rip off artists. Also we had a hail storm and wanted them to come check out the damage and they said if they come out I will get a hit against my insurance even if no damage.

Carl of Spartanburg, SC...Sept. 18, 2016
Never had a claim so I can't comment in that area however, if you're looking for a company to increase your rates annually, Liberty Mutual is the place for you. Been with them 3 years now, every year $200.00 premium increase, and they weren't cheap from the start. Currently looking for another company.

Tara of Mansura, LA...Sept. 11, 2016
I didn't write down the male agent name that I spoke with...After we hung up I saw HOW POOR the RATINGS are for LIBERTY MUTUAL. So glad I didn't make that huge mistake. EVEN more stupid than driving 3/4ths of a car (like their commercial) is getting insurance with them. Please Google: Liberty Mutual Reviews (horrible).

Anthony of Owensboro, KY...Sept. 9, 2016
Stay away from LM. They are terrible. No, they are pathetic AND terrible. I have told several people about them and will continue to do so. Our auto insurance is with them also, and we will be dropping all insurance with them before any renewals. Stay away from them!!!

Eric of Dover, OH...Aug. 18, 2016
LM gave me a better price on both my home and auto so we switched, worst idea ever...I wouldn't use this company ever and will let everyone I know hear about this... Beware of Liberty Mutual.

David of West Wendover, NV...July 22, 2016
Liberty mutual insurance has all these commercial sites about being the best and all. But...The adjuster approved for the roof to be replaced. I was going to get 6,900. Then liberty mutual calls me and tell me my deductible is 5%. So instead of 6,900. I get 2,300. Now tell me how in the hell do I replace my roof with that?? This company lies and WOULD NOT recommend to anyone.

Deana of Akron, OH...June 16, 2016
I called to get a quote for homeowners insurance on a home we just bought. The agent was sassy to begin with but I can handle that...She says to me "We make the rules, not you..." And then she hangs up on me... I called back to discuss with a supervisor and he tells me, "She was just stating facts." I said, ...How unprofessional Liberty Mutual can be... That place is a joke and do whatever they want to. No consequences for their actions.

Q of Bothell, WA...May 18, 2016
My home got burned down and I filed a claim with Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual dragged it for almost a year and denied it for false lame excuses fabricated by the Liberty Mutual. In my opinion the Liberty Mutual is the biggest fraud insurance company in the world. I will never do any business with them. Liberty Mutual is a dishonest and discredited and a manipulative homeowner insurance business.

James of Portland, OR...May 3, 2016
I have never written a message like this and really am sorry to have to do so, but I am so very disappointed with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company...I am flabbergasted and will be looking for insurance coverage elsewhere and will encourage everyone else to do likewise.

Robert of Simpsonville, SC...March 5, 2016
Lost jewelry... their appraisal process significantly undervalued item compared to independent appraisal we had. When attempted to resolve through the agent. Never returned call. Stay away from this organization.

El of Catonsville, MD...Feb. 17, 2016
During the recent heavy snowstorm, my basement was flooded after ground water came into the house...I contacted Liberty Mutual. In the course of a week with no heat nor hot water, I talked to 7 different reps. who told me differing things... It's crazy! Liberty Mutual just refuses to pay the claim. I am done with this company!

Pam of Kensington, CA... Feb. 16, 2016
We have had this insurance company since 1984 covering our 5 homes. In 2012, the lower floors of 2 of the homes were completely wiped out by a large water main break...We turned to Liberty and they denied calling it a flood. We argued and argued and finally had to file a lawsuit to get them to pay...THEY SUCK! Don't trust them with your homes or investment property.

Leo of Antioch, IL...Dec. 15, 2015
In 2009 I purchased a Flood Insurance policy with Liberty Mutual ...Had Liberty Mutual been using updated FEMA maps, they would have been able to tell me that I am not required to carry this insurance. That would be factual. Instead they lied to me repeatedly over the years and tell me I MUST have the insurance. This has cost me thousands of dollars. I continue to try to cancel the coverage. Something is wrong here. I am a veteran with a brain injury and if I see a problem, others must as well. PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK.

Stephanie of Port Orchard, WA...Dec. 9, 2015
On November 14th, my family lost our house to a fire. It is looking like a total loss and it is definitely not livable. After much confusion and delays, we have still not received any financial help from Liberty Mutual. It has been 25 days that my family, including my 1 year old son, has been homeless...Luckily we were able to keep some clothes otherwise if LM had their way, we'd be running around naked. So, I ask you to think about this, can you last almost a whole month (still haven't received the check, maybe it will be 2 months by then) without a house or anything that was in your home and receive no help from insurance and not go delinquent on bills? If so, LM might work out for you. Do your homework. Don't let your family go through this on top of having your belongings and home destroyed. They truly do not care about your well being. Merry Christmas.

Chad of Albuquerque, New Mexico... Dec. 1, 2015
I would not recommend Liberty Mutual to anyone - forget their cutesy TV commercials - they are heartless, unsympathetic buzzards. They even fired the Insurance Estimator that gave me the estimate for my home repairs because they felt she had been "too generous" with the estimate! Never Again, Liberty Mutual!!!

Alan of Salt Lake City, UT...Nov. 3, 2015
I have been a Liberty Mutual - Homeowners client for 45+ years. This past January we had a flooded basement and filed a claim. When I received a statement showing my new premium, it showed an increase of over 50%! Needless to say I am outraged and may drop all my policies with LM.

Mark of Edgewood, IL...Oct. 20, 2015
Home burned down... surprise we cancelled you 2 weeks ago! Switched home and auto to Liberty Mutual in June... our home caught fire mid October and I call them and they said "oh we cancelled you on September 30th due to underwriting reasons" and our premium was paid up!

Pepe of New York, NY...Oct. 1, 2015
Liberty Mutual is the worst insurance company. They put a lot of money in advertising and very little into actually helping customers. They find a way to turn every damage into "wear & tear" and not pay a dime...They sent different adjusters letting me call them dozens of times before they would return my calls and finally they closed the claim without paying a penny. These people should be put in jail. I paid my bill like clockwork (as one of their commercials puts it) for 6 years and now I'm left to pay for a new roof by myself and this puts me in a financial hole, while their vermin execs are chewing my money in their private islands in the Caribbean... Liberty Mutual are murderers because they destroy hundreds of lives putting people on the street.

Douglas of Anderson, SC...Aug. 14, 2015
Let me first say that I have been a long-term customer (over a decade in three different states) of Liberty Mutual, so the company's treatment of me is very discouraging...Buyer beware!...There are many other companies available that consider your business relationship important. What a betrayal of my trust!

Marsha of Moline, IL...Aug. 2, 2015
Last fall I called Liberty Mutual to ask some questions. Of course the phone rep couldn't answer them...Months of arguing with them...they didn't care...What a horrible, horrible company and their underwriters are sharks. Filing a complaint with the insurance commission as soon as all this is done. It has gone on for 10 months now. 

Pauline of Mount Clemens, MI...July 19, 2015
Buyer Beware! I have had home insurance with Liberty Mutual for over 10 years. The one time I filed a claim they only partially paid for the damages to my basement. I have yet to receive the payment for my carpet that was damaged. My insurance rates have continuously gone up as if I am paying them back for the amount they gave me for my claim. Each time I hear their commercial about the auto insurance I simply shake my head because the same rules obviously for me doesn't apply. I have wrote to this company to "complain" but I haven't received any response. Seems like every six months this company is raising my rates or adding something. I know that it's time for me to leave this company and believe me I am looking.

David of Elyria, OH...June 30, 2015
I purchased homeowners insurance from Liberty Mutual for several years. Each year my rates increased significantly in spite of filing no claims. The final year they wanted to raise my premiums over 20%, again in spite of zero claims. I called the company to try and get some idea as to why and they performed a quick assessment over the phone. This assessment indicated they would need to increase my premiums even more...Stay away from Liberty Mutual. they are sharks, bottom feeders and blood suckers all rolled into one IMO.

kate of Columbus, OH...June 25, 2015
We had a flood, water flowing in from everywhere through the sewer and walls. Everyone in my neighborhood was affected. I called LM right away and was told to call a water mitigation company and was given three different companies to try. They gave me a claim # and said to tell the mitigation company to send the bill to LM. So I did. After the clean-up crew came and went, I finally heard from my adjuster 4 days after the claim was filed and told that they wouldn't cover anything, not the damage to my property or the mitigation...What was I supposed to do? I called them in crisis. They said do this so I did that, and now they back-pedal?...They are lying when they say they care. They don't care about anything except getting their $. Currently shopping for another policy with another company because thinking about giving LM another cent of my hard-earned money makes me sick to my stomach.

Kevin of Russell, PA... June 24, 2015
I have been a Liberty Mutual customer for years. I had homeowners, 2 cars, 2 ATVs, and a motorcycle through them. Last year a tree went through the corner of my pole barn. No fault of anyone. I placed a claim immediately. The claim was approx. $3,500. It took 2 months to get it handled even though an adjuster never showed up. Now I get my policy renewal. It went up over 50% - $896 to nearly $1,400. No way am I staying with Liberty Mutual. I already switched my auto insurance... Actually went from $1,200 per year for 2 cars to $640 a year - Not a typo. Almost half off. I am in the process of switching my homeowners, motorcycle and ATVs. My credit score is over 800 and I only had one claim. I might as well have paid my own damage if they are going to raise the premiums 50%. RIP OFF.

Joe of Chicago, IL...May 17, 2015
If you read more complaints in here, you will find that LM does this cancellation routine with many other folks. I suggest you avoid LM.

Julie of Vinton, VA... April 13, 2015
When I purchased my house I contacted several potential servers and did not go with Geico/Lib Mutual because they were the most expensive. Instead they call me to confirm my homeowners with them and I have REPEATEDLY told them "NO I have not and will not use them." I get multiple bills with amount I owe for homeowners policy. I have signed NOTHING. I now have called, written and still they will not leave me alone. They seem to think that regardless of what I feel that I must be a customer, NOT.

Kerlyne of Suwanee, GA...April 9, 2015
Liberty Mutual is the worst insurance company. They falsely created a homeowner's policy, without my authorization and they refuse to close the account. I've been dealing with this issue for almost a year now. If I could, I'd sue them.

T. of Centereach, NY...April 8, 2015
Liberty Mutual is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with...We were told that this company cleared our home of any mold. That was a complete lie...If a supervisor tells you that you have no mold I had no reason to doubt her or any idea she would blatantly lie and put my families lives in danger. They cared nothing about my baby or children, they only cared about saving money. This company has acted in disgusting faith...I started calling in mold restoration companies and was advised of the dangers and to get a hygienist. Then I was made aware of how serious this all really was. Called in a hygienist and the mold counts were off the charts. Still liberty mutual didn't guide or help us in any way. We asked to be moved to safety and the adjuster tried saying it was my fault and couldn't...I find out now from the company they sent to check my home for mold was never sent there for mold. That company also told me that Liberty mutual told them no observation holes. How does a company clear a home of mold with no testing from a hygienist? They lied. Nothing excuses this company leaving my family in a home with mold to die. They jeopardized our health. I was so sick all the times as were my children. We were breathing in toxic mold!... this hideous company liberty mutual. How does anyone leave people in a house with mold to die? Not once, about 4 times. Very sad!...Don't use this company! Worst company, they don't care about people.

Corbett of Sea Girt, NJ...April 1, 2015
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group of New Jersey are a pack of Thieves. As a victim while a passenger in a private automobile, we were rear ended. From the onset of my claim for injuries Liberty Mutual did everything possible to Delay, Deny and Defend the provisions that my auto policy was to provide. They even went as far as sending me for an IME with a Retired Orthopedic Surgeon only to have me examined by a Fraud. It turned out to be not an Orthopedic Surgeon but his son a Laser Hair Removal specialist who assumed the Identity of his 82 year old father. But they were caught in this fraud, all caught on video. We are waiting until after the Civil Trial at which point charges will be filed against all involved. My advice never insure with Liberty Mutual - "A pack of thieves".

Yadira of York, Pa...March 26, 2015
I had a fire in my kitchen Sept 2014 and they still haven't cover for the damages. All I have is excuses from them and lies all over. I think we the consumers and victims should just come together and expose this company.

Andy of Eagle, ID... March 3, 2015
I will be fair to Liberty Mutual - I called them. That is when the lying started (3 years ago). I dropped Farmers and went to LM due to their decent rates. Erin ** told me my scheduled jewelry would be 'outside' the normal process if there was a claim - we had a small one for $1600. Our rates have gone up 54% in less than 2 years... They have made their $1600 back and then some. "You made a claim" is all they will answer. They are devious and will lure you with low prices. RUN! They are the epitome of snake-in-the-grass salespeople.

Kerry of Waxhaw, NC... Feb. 10, 2015
We had Liberty Mutual for almost 10 years and found out they were WAY overcharging us! Shame on me for thinking I should trust a company I had been loyal to for so long and that keeping multiple lines of business with them would keep me safe! SHAME ON THEM for being so greedy and completely unprofessional! Found in our 10th year when I FINALLY checked the marketplace that they were overcharging by over $500 on our auto-policy and again over $500 on homeowners. Then, when we cancelled they tried to collect over $300 in ‘cancellation fees’!! The local agent kept calling us and threatening us with legal action and credit reporting, when I contacted LM 800# they said I would have to deal with the agent!!

Raghavendra of Irving, TX...Jan. 20, 2015
I signed up with Liberty Mutual in 2012 as i was directed to them by GEICO. My 1st year premium was reasonable, but when it got renewed they bumped it up by almost 50% and told be that it was because my home no longer qualified for a new home discount. Next year they bumped it up another 30-40% with no reason given. So, in a matter of 2 years my premiums went up from roughly $1100 to $2200, despite no claims or change in my credit profile.

I had enough and decided to cancel my policy on 10/22/2014. I was told a check would be mailed out to me and was asked to verify my address. After 1 month, and no refund i decided to call them again for the money and was told that it probably got lost in the mail and they would re-issue a check. Then again after 1 month i called them telling i did not have the check and they told me that they would send it out again and asked me to verify my address again. This happened once again and i asked them to send my refund by certified mail or priority mail so that it could be tracked and they refused.

Today i called them again as its been over a month and now they tell me that the checks were being sent to my old address, though I am not sure why as i verified my address each time i called. And of course this time around also they promise I will get the refund but will not send my refund by certified mail. Stay away from this company. I am down $2200 for over 3 months now and am not sure when I will see my refund.

Paulette of Palm Bay, FL...Jan. 19, 2015
In 2008 and 2014 Liberty Mutual denied my claim of water damage causing loss...This company is unfair, collects premium, and does not honor the terms of the policy.

Kathy of Philadelphia, PA...Oct. 27, 2014
It was awful. After the report from Their investigation they told us they were only paying $2000. We had to pay the rest out of pocket... I was a police officer for over 18 years and I have never in my life been treated like this. Had no choice but to change companies.

D. of Bluffdale, UT...Oct. 20, 2014
It was a very bad experience and I recommend you stay far away from Liberty Mutual Home Insurance.

Don of Cypress, TX...Oct. 19, 2014
Customer service very poor... Seems only interested in maximizing profits after the sale. 

Al of St. Louis, MO...Aug. 15, 2014
I filed a home owners claim for vandalism back in 2013. LM refused to supply a claims adjuster to come out to my home. They insisted I correspond with them through emails and snail mail. I sent pictures and documents as well as provided them with all other info. Total vandalism damages are at least $10,000 or more. LM said we will send me a check to get me started on repairs for $2600 in which they did in 2 separate payments. I told them I needed more to cover all repairs and they refused to talk with me any more... still I'm waiting for payment. LM has refused to speak any more to me. This is also why I filed a complaint with the State of Mo. I advise all to never use Liberty Mutual Insurance ever unless you plan on getting scammed. They will increase your rates without any claims filed and never pay out on the claims you do file. This is total fraud by Liberty Mutual Insurance!

Cynthia of Boston, MA...Aug. 13, 2014
I don't know what the point of having an online quote calculator is if it generates coverage options and quotes that the company would never provide. Needless to say, I won't be using Liberty Mutual for my insurance needs.

Jennifer of Los Angeles, CA... Aug. 1, 2014
It is OUTRAGEOUS... This is an abusive practice, and I will not do any further business with this company due to this policy.

Laurie of Manchester, TN...June 19, 2014
We were told by our mortgage company that we needed to shop for home owners insurance, so we started calling agencies. I called Liberty Mutual and I told the agent when I called that I was only shopping for quotes so I could compare prices...we get a phone call from our mortgage agency saying Liberty had faxed them a copy of our policy with them and billed them for $1700.00. This whole thing screwed up our closing date because the mortgage company thought we were going with progressive like we told them we decided! We obviously did NOT pay their stupid policy, and I called once again and told them under no uncertain terms that we do NOT want their insurance!

What a terrible terrible way to do business. Trying to FORCE someone into buying insurance!...Beware! Don't even bother calling this shame of a company. $1700.00 for homeowner insurance. Uh yeah, no. Progressive was $704.00!

Ron of Pearl River, NY...June 17, 2014
When I confronted customer service, they agreed that it was a terrible thing...They apologized...that while they can see that I was grossly overcharged, there is no going back for reparations...amazed that they can admit to (in my mind, fraud) the fact that it should have been less. It's the computer's fault. It was like in the movies, corporate doublespeak denying any responsibility at all. If you have or are considering Liberty Mutual, do not rely on their integrity. Get new competitor quotes every year, or better yet don't do business with thieves.

Carol of Rootstown, OH...June 3, 2014
I will tell everyone not to insure with Liberty Mutual. Please do the same. This is totally wrong! Thank You!

Jennifer of Knox, IN...April 29, 2014
Would not recommend this company to anyone and we are filing a formal complaint with the insurance commissioner.

Kendra of Jacksonville, FL...April 7, 2014
I don't believe a thing David ** with Liberty Mutual has to say... I have been with this company for 14 years and when I need them to do their job as my insurance company, I am hosed...This company has lost my trust and I have nothing good to say about them or this experience.

Steve of Alpharetta, GA...Nov. 4, 2013
They play games, attract you with a decent rate then, before you know it, they have increased your premiums 50%. Look elsewhere.

David of Ridgefield, CT...Nov. 2, 2013

I've never been so happy to fire an insurance company. Every year for the past 10 years they increased my homeowner's premium by an average of 18.7%. Then in August of 2013, they increased my premium by 49.3% despite the fact that I have had very few, and very minor claims. I even went on their website and filled out a new application for insurance and they quoted me a rate 50% less than I was paying - so obviously there is NO loyalty with this company. I got the same home, auto and liability coverage from AMICA for $6948 per year LESS than Liberty Mutual - a 64.1% decrease! Don't wait for this to happen to you...cancel your Liberty Mutual policy immediately!

Michael of Athens, GA...Oct. 27, 2013
The customer service at Liberty Mutual is lacking. In my opinion they are a bunch of financial bullies! I have obtained BETTER, more adequate coverage elsewhere at less than 1/3 the premium I WAS paying those crooks! ($602 annually). STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!

John of Broken Arrow, OK...
We are now going to hire an attorney... I would never recommend them to anyone. They are cheap, and their adjusters don't know anything. Stay clear of them. I will make sure I tell everyone I come in contact with about my experience.

Trace of Phoenix, AZ...July 6, 2013
They won't write a policy if you have more than 3 dogs. Reading these reviews, they don't pay out on any claims anyway so, what is the point of getting insurance from them?

Melissa of Montgomery, AL... June 2, 2013
I wish I would have read these complaints before switching over our homeowner's insurance to Liberty Mutual... Wow, what a HUGE MISTAKE this was!

Michael of Hurricane, WV...Oct. 11, 2012
I have been with Liberty Mutual since 1995 and I can only compare them to the mafia. They collect your premiums and flush you down the sewer!

hristina of Metamora, MI...April 26, 2012
My house is collapsing. My children's lives are at risk just being here and they will not help! This company has no problem taking my money every month and is supposed to protect their customers when problems arise.

Gary of Milan, OH...March 29, 2012
I have dropped Liberty Mutual in October of 2011 due to their ever increasing rates... Liberty Mutual should be sued for their illegal practices.

Cathy of Menifee, CA...Dec. 10, 2011
I would never recommend Liberty Mutual. They are sneaky.

Lorraine of Nanuet, NY...Nov. 3, 2011
My condo had its roof penetrated during Hurricane Irene, causing damage to the living room wall and carpeting. The condo insurance took care of the roof, and Liberty Mutual should take care of the interior, for which I am insured...Liberty Mutual has denied the claim and passed me from one employee to another. The adjustor was incompetent, and even though I sent them all the necessary paper work, they keep denying, despite the fact that they should pay for the interior damage.They are trying to wiggle out of this one, and refuse to let me speak with anyone in a supervisory capacity at the company. I have written numerous letters, provided all they require, and even the condo management company has been more than cooperative. This company is a sham. They take money and provide nothing in return.

Li of Baltimore, MD... Oct. 10, 2011
Liberty Mutual should be investigated for insurance fraud like this; they’d do anything to avoid their responsibility.

Ronald of Mesa, AZ...July 18, 2011
This company was our homeowner insurance until they refused to live up to their policies.... There is no use to pay insurance premiums if it is not going to cover anything. We are senior citizens, and it is not easy for us to come up with money for repairs for things we already paid insurance for.

Larry of Hopkinsville, KY...July 15, 2011
This ** called my private home and then talked to me like I was dog manure. I will have absolutely nothing to do with Liberty Mutual in any case whatsoever if that is the kind of people you have working for you. Totally unprofessional. If I treated people that way with my job the way he treated me, I would be looking for a job.

Jerry of East hanover, NJ...April 27, 2010
We've been using Liberty Mutual for our home insurance for almost 8 years ever since we bought our current house. When it started, the premium was $380. Last year it reached $900+ and this year, they wanted another $200 more. I called them and they said there was a 3% annual increase to adjust for insurance. When I said the increase was more than 20%, the representative then said they increased my coverage every year. It turned out the coverage increase from last year to this year was only $2,000. So they wanted to charge $200 more for $2,000, outrageous. I got a quote from Allstate for only $580 on the same coverage. I overpaid for the last 5 or 6 years for at least $1,000. This will be my last time dealing with Liberty Mutual.

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