Across America Home and Auto Policyholders Get Stiffed by Liberty Mutual

Across America Home and Auto Policyholders Get Stiffed by Liberty Mutual

After documenting how shoddily Liberty Mutual (LM) has treated injured victim Cheryl Harris, we found hundreds of scathing reports filed by persons covered by Liberty Mutual's home and auto insurance policies and victims of LM insureds across the nation. Report after report described the anger and frustration of Liberty Mutual policyholders and victims who feel they have been misled, lied to and defrauded.

Policyholders describe Liberty Mutual as "crooks" and a "sham" and compare them to the "mafia." They say "Liberty Mutual should be investigated for insurance fraud, sued for illegal practices and that "The government needs to step in and shut these clowns down for good!"

Here are a sample of excerpts from auto owner complaints:

Liberty Mutual Corruption: Auto Policyholder Complaints

Rob of Boerne, TX...June 19, 2018
Worst company to deal in regards to customer service. They could care less.

jason of Knoxville, TN...June 15, 2018
My 90 year old dad (a WW2 vet) car was hit by a man in a grocery parking lot. Not a lot of damage & the man immediately admitted fault. Liberty jerked him around for 5 weeks then said they weren't responsible because it was private property...That's bull!!! This company is a SHAM- stay away! Shame on these shysters!

Hal of Jefferson, GA...June 5, 2018
This is a horrible insurance company...

Rocco of White Plains, NY...May 26, 2018
I see lots of Liberty Mutual Insurance TV ads which suggest they are willing to sell their product but will not provide decent response to claims and services expected.

Shannondoah of Jonesboro, AR... May 25, 2018
I called customer service. I emailed and I get nothing. Terrible scum bags, bottom feeders, Low lifer Thieving Crooks they are. They need to be held accountable for ripping off hard working American citizens.

Rosalyn of Mount Airy, NC... May 23, 2018
Liberty Mutual at first saved me money! But now they have gone up 300+ dollars citing an increase in medical payments. I have not had any incidents! Homeowner's also went up. No claims! What is up with this?

Michelle of Chicago, IL... May 23, 2018
Don't do business with this company. They were slow in processing claim, paperwork was misplaced...Poor value for the amount of money paid.

Kelly of Providence, RI... May 12, 2018
The inefficiency of this company is astounding. Reps would claim they'd never received my forms to cancel, and would give us "alternate" fax number to try. In a nutshell, I tried to cancel in late January, this was not resolved until May, with a lot of work on my part, AND $65 in cancellation fees ...Beware this company. They are super sketchy, and will charge you all kinds of extra fees.

Diane of Brewster, NY...May 11, 2018
I am having a hard time getting answers as to why my policy has almost doubled in price.

Ellis of Eckley, CO... May 7, 2018
Cheap rates and good service until you have a claim. Then you get stalled, low balled on your vehicle value, rude adjusters. Only junkyard parts used to fix your auto. You get what you pay for. They could care less about customer satisfaction.

Marilyn of Louisville, KY... May 4, 2018
This company l was good until you get in a accident, it's another story, insurance goes up, call to get it cheaper. LM gives me a number to call, LM lie all the time, you never get a straight answer... Please I beg you. Don't buy insurance from these jailhouse crooks, you will be sorry down the line, thank you.

Adore of Honolulu, HI... May 4, 2018
They send me letters but when I have a question there's no one to answer them!! They enjoy sending me everywhere with the wrong information...Totally hate Liberty Mutual.

Jennifer of Seattle, WA... May 4, 2018
Accident forgiveness, lifetime repair guarantee, and new car replacement is what they advertise. Sounds great but none of it is true...They suck. It is the worst insurance company there is. Look at all the bad complaints.

Lee of Jessup, PA...April 30, 2018
Just like their Homeowner's policy, Liberty Mutual will RAISE YOUR RATES every year. Maximum price for minimum coverage. They raise your rates by "nickel and dime-ing" on things that you have to fish for in your policy. Their prices go up an average of 25% a year even if your driving record is immaculate. AWFUL company.

W of West Valley City, UT...April 29, 2018

Mindie of Lumberton, TX...April 29, 2018
Liberty Mutual is horrible and I'll never used them again. They cancelled my policy every month claiming that there was insufficient funds in our account, however this was untrue. Often they would take out double what they were supposed to, and still cancel the policy claiming it hadn't been paid. I'm very glad to be rid of them.

Steve of Portsmouth, NH... April 21, 2018
My family has been with Liberty Mutual for over 10 years. They are great to deal with until you get in an accident or receive a speeding ticket. In one year I received a speeding ticket and my wife was in a fender bender. It was her fault but an accident. Liberty Mutual dropped us as a customer. I am 49 and in all my years I've never been dropped from anything especially an insurance company. We paid all bills on time, including the increase in insurance to be with Liberty Mutual over the years. THIS COMPANY LOVES TAKING YOUR MONEY BUT WILL NOT BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED THEM...This company clearly survives taking on customers until they need to actually pay out and GOODBYE CUSTOMER.

Ahmad of Sacramento, CA...April 9, 2018
I should have done my research first! They don't disclose anything for you! Only ask them what "full coverage" means and they never tell you until you get in an accident! Very disappointed with them. I have two policy with them and it's been years! Now I had a collision and they say in CA full coverage only covers liability. Not collision coverage!

Michael of Austin, TX...April 6, 2018
We had a simple claim under $1000. Liberty Mutual's claims process is a nightmare...Our claims rep was incompetent...This was a simple claim that took over 2 weeks (2 days of that was body shop repair, remaining time was dealing with incompetent people at Liberty Mutual to get approval for repairs). Imagine what a large claim would look like. I wouldn't want to find out.

Susan of Haverhill, MA...April 5, 2018
We switched to Liberty Mutual Auto insurance 8 years ago...Over the years our rate continued to climb incrementally. That was until this year's renewal where without any accidents or incidents ...My premium shot up 15%! Naturally that was the last straw and after researching a few months for a new insurance company we finally switched 110 days into our policy... we were shocked to find out that Liberty Mutual "short rates." instead of getting a prorated refund we have to pay additional fees and penalty. After 10 phone calls and varying explanations I was finally told to call and ask for an "escalation rep" who explained to me that 8 years ago on page 38 of a 50 page document there was a clause explaining the penalty ("short rate") for cancellation. When I asked him why that fact wasn't disclosed by the agent, he said agents don't discuss cancellations when signing new customers...

Although Massachusetts law allows this practice, I find it extremely deceptive of Liberty Mutual to not fully disclose this practice to its customers upfront...PLEASE note not all auto insurance companies use "short rates". It pays to do your homework and to ask questions.

kevin of Rex, GA...April 4, 2018
I bought a second vehicle, a used Chevy Suburban 1997...The purchase was near my policy renewal which I was waiting for after 5 long years to see a minor traffic offense with no points, supposedly going to be removed from my Liberty Mutual record. Clearly that did not happen. My rates went up from $1200 to $1850. The mythical traffic issue was said to be the cause. It was said to be the blame for my higher rate. After I got the $1850 shock... I spent an HOUR on the fone with this guy who "re-rated me" down to lesser policy size of 1400 -ish. When the paperwork came in the mail it was all 1900- ish. I called to have the fixed and then my rate went up to 2718!

John of Waltham, MA...April 2, 2018
I will NEVER use Liberty Mutual again. After 5 years of clean driving with them my insurance costs kept going up and up and up. Then when I canceled to switch to a cheaper competitor they hit me with almost $200 in hidden fees. These people will ** you 10 ways to Sunday, watch out.

Patricia of Fayette City, PA...March 30, 2018
Feb. 2016 there was a motorist that hit the side of our truck I was a passenger in. I received a side whiplash & nerve damage. The claim was turned into my insurance company Liberty Mutual. I have income protection which I do pay for on my policy. Also FULL TORTE and was told I had very good coverage which I pay a lot of money for. As of 3/29/2018 I've only received $1,900.00 of the $9,600.00 I've lost in wages. And that check of $1,900 I just received 3/23/2018. The adjuster that was assigned to me has NEVER CONTACTED ME SINCE THIS ACCIDENT OCCURRED. And just keeps giving me & the attorney I now had to hire because of not being able to receive the insurance coverage I pay for...We were hit by an underinsured motorist which I just found out a few months ago after hiring an attorney. But this doesn't give Liberty Mutual the right to not honor the insurance coverage I PAY F I need help & don't know who to turn to. I guess there's NO LAWS ANYMORE.

Updated on 05/18/2018: It's been 2 1/2 years and still no income protection was paid to me from the coverage I paid for over these last 20 years...Since this has been going on for so long This new adjuster wants updated medical records which I did once again supply to her. So after only a few days of hearing back from adjuster # 2 I'm given another denial letter that I need to now go see a doctor of their choice.. When you pay for income protection and you miss work because of your auto injury "YOU WOULD THINK YOU WOULD COLLECT THE INCOME LOSS YOU HAD." Not the case. You're required BY LAW to purchase Auto Insurance. But the insurance company can make you jump through all kinds of obstacles to collect the insurance protection you paid for over 20 years.. This is just NOT OK.

Our INSURANCE COMMISSION NEEDS TO PROTECT THE CONSUMER from these fraudulent procedures this insurance company puts their policy holders through. It needs to be DISCLOSED TO THE CONSUMER that even though we think we have insurance coverage we actually will need legal assistance to collect any type of claim we have once we are in an accident. I was the VICTIM twice. I was hit by the under-insured motorist and even though I pay for their best policy I have no coverage on my policy to cover my wage loss Even though it's covered. To collect anything I need to hire an attorney and pay them 40% and go to court after 2 1/2 years. This all should be disclosed to every consumer about what does happen to them after your in an accident. We should know UPFRONT how we have to pay for legal representation when we're hit by another motorist.

Bradley of Lenoir City, TN...March 21, 2018
Wife got her car totalled on 2/22 by one their we are on 3/26 with only the adjuster calling us once, 2 weeks ago. We have no idea what is happening..Car rental place called Friday saying the rental is cancelled and of course we cannot get in touch with anyone about the claim. Calling their customer service does nothing but get you transferred back to the same adjuster that is not helping you. Always goes to voicemail and nobody ever calls you back. Maybe we should call our totalled car into the police as stolen?

Tom and Lori of Battle Ground, WA... March 21, 2018
I was involved in an accident with a Liberty Mutual insured. I was traveling on the freeway when their insured merged into my lane while pulling a trailer. As he was merging, the wheel well of the trailer caught my front bumper and almost pulled it off. What I thought was a cut & dry, no brainer claim turned into a nightmare...Their claims service is very unprofessional. No one will call and talk to you. The treatment this company has shown me has been very hurtful and upsetting. I can't believe they treat claimants so disrespectfully. I feel like LM is trying to find any excuse possible to avoid paying for the damages to my vehicle...They are obviously more concerned with saving money by not paying claims instead of doing the right thing.

Ian of Portland, OR... March 17, 2018
I was hit in my community college's parking lot on the 8th of February, 2018, and opened a claim with Liberty Mutual.... It took until the 27th of February for her to return contact with car has been rolling around with a crumpled quarter panel and scrapes all over it FOR A MONTH-AND-A-HALF...I am going to wait until Tuesday of next week, and if I still haven't heard from them by then, I am opening a complaint with the state insurance commission... I am extremely dissatisfied with how this company handles its at-fault claims, and my advice to anyone who has to deal with them in the future is simple. Don't.

Michael of Lakehead, CA... March 14, 2018
After 3 days I find out that there was going to be a Liberty Mutual investigator assigned to my case. I figured it was standard policy... But NO. This is where they find ANY excuse NOT to pay your claim. I spoke with the investigator and gave my exact details on the incident. She was extremely dull, inconsiderate and rude and raised her voice with me several times when I asked difficult questions...I have a homeowners policy with Liberty Mutual as well and I can't imagine what it would be like if something bad happened to my home. You have to ask yourself If the policy and procedures of this company (Liberty Mutual) is to hire people to find ways NOT to pay out on legitimate and truthful claims, or throw the book at you when you need them the most... Is this the company you want to rely on when something terrible happens to your home? HELL NO! I will be canceling my claim along with my auto policy and homeowners policy with this disgraceful, PROFIT prioritizing douchebags!!!

Ken of Henderson, NV...March 12, 2018
Maybe they should spend less money on TV ads and more on customer service! ...Our new Insurer notified Liberty Mutual by email, mail and FAX that they were taking over the policy and to reimburse us any unused policy value. Well, even with solid documentation and resubmitting it numerous times, we kept getting late payment notices and bill collection threats. We talked to at least 6 different Liberty Mutual 'representatives', having to explain everything all over AND resubmit supporting documentation that we had changed companies. I'm still not sure what impact this might have on my credit score, but Liberty Mutual could care less. INTIMIDATION and POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE is why this company gets a 1 STAR from me!

MaryEtta of Smyrna, TN...March 9, 2018
I was rear ended by a Liberty Mutual insurer on February 8th. The damage to my car was so extensive that my car was totaled...These are the worst people I've ever dealt with in regard to customer service...The experience felt very crooked...

Scotty of Lagrange, GA... March 8, 2018
Your client pulled out in front of my vehicle 7 months ago, I lost truck trailer and all my equipment for lawn care in this accident. I've been trying for 7 months working with ** from a Florida office to handle my claim in Georgia. ** has lied. Cheated me and even rented me a vehicle for 3 weeks which I then got a visit one morning from rental stating they had to take car back because Liberty Mutual hasn't paid. I in return get a huge bill plus it gets turned into collections and on to 3 credit reports. It's knocked my credit down over 125 points from great credit to poor. I will attempt one more phone call after then I will take y'all to court and sue for months out of work and the loss of our lawn care business which we have had 11 years.

Joseph of Haddon Heights, NJ...March 6, 2018
You plug it into your car and it monitors hard braking, hard accelerating and if you drive after midnight. First off it's very inaccurate. They have me driving after midnight several times. I'm in bed by 10 every night...My discount started out real high, close to 30%.Then I guess they see this then start nit-picking and creating false instances. I never drove after midnight! My discount rapidly dropped to 11%. It's a SCAM!...Very disappointed because I am a very good and safe driver and was hoping for the maximum discount! It's not happening! Avoid this scam!

Kellie of Minooka, IL...March 6, 2018
One of Liberty Mutual's insured customers rear ended me this past September totaling my vehicle and I've been going back and forth ever since. My claim has yet to be satisfied. Nicole ** (senior claim resolution specialist) has been my representative throughout this nightmare and has been anything but professional or helpful for that matter....Now that I have tried to settle and be done with the back and forth, I can't get a response. I have sent countless emails, made countless phone calls and it's gotten me nowhere. I now have a medical bill sitting in pre-collections because they have refused to pay it even though I have emails from Nicole stating it would be paid. So now I unfortunately, my credit is in jeopardy. I have told many people of my experience and have warned multiple people to stay away from Liberty Mutual. This insurance company is pathetic and needs to highly consider cleaning house of its employees or get them better training. I feel horrible for people in similar situations such as myself. I will have no choice but to report this to the Department of Insurance and am hoping to finally get justice. If I could give no stars, I would. 1 star is too many.

Chelsey of Leander, TX...March 5, 2018
If I could give them a zero rating I would... Horrible customer service and completely unethical. I filed a customer complaint online and never heard back. After calling Presidential Services, I basically got a "too bad, there's nothing we can do". Do NOT get Liberty Mutual. They don't care about their customers and if I would have known they had a bad reputation I never would have signed up with them.

Paul of Surfside, FL...March 5, 2018
Going on 7 months and Liberty Mutual will NOT pay fair value for my totaled car... I paid for two appraisals that prove car is worth 10,000 dollars more...I sued them in court and they said Liberty Mutual is just a name not a company.

Carol of Landers, CA...Feb. 26, 2018
I called them... and asked to have my insurance reinstated since it was their mistake. They refused, and told me I would have to pay a full year's worth of insurance and my policy would have to be re-written. They refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor...I am a disabled senior, living on $900.00 per month, there was no way I could pay a year's worth of auto and renters insurance. My advice is to get insurance with someone else. They lie...Dishonest company.

John of Indianapolis, IN...Feb. 22, 2018
Unfortunately my daughter was in a wreck ...Liberty denied coverage saying she was not on policy even though I had the email sent to agent asking for her & my wife to be added. After 3 weeks of no callback, I filed a complaint with Dept of Insurance. The President's Office called & apologized... Had I not filed the complaint this would not have been covered. Beware of Liberty. They... do not honor their policies unless force to by Dept of Insurance.

Melissa of Dover, DE...Feb. 19, 2018
One of their customers hit my car. Totaled it and they left me without a car for over a month...They care nothing but saving them money. Worthless company.

Daniel of Duxbury, MA... Feb. 15, 2018
I asked why I was not informed of the Short-Rate fee during the purchasing of the policy ...It is obvious Liberty Mutual is a fraudulently organized company whose goal is to extract as much money from the public as they can legally possibly do. Poor business practices like this one are typically repeated in other areas so I would highly advise not choosing Liberty Mutual when it is time to purchase insurance.

Richard of Loves Park, IL...Feb. 15, 2018

When I signed up with Liberty Mutual, they offered a competitive rate. I asked them if they raise rates after the first year. Their response was that they don't do that. After the first year, they raised my rates about 32 percent without any claims filed. I stuck with them for a second year. At the following renewal year, they increased rates another 30 percent. After calling them for an explanation for such a drastic increase, they couldn't offer one. I immediately dropped them and went with another company.

Jen of Rowley, MA... Feb. 14, 2018
They are the worst when it comes to customer service. I was owed money for a car rental and spent almost a year to get reimbursed. Called so many claims reps and just got the run around over and over again. I finally just gave up trying to get the reimbursement and canceled all my insurance policies with them because of how they treated me.

Blue of Lawrenceville, GA...Feb. 14, 2018
I believe these people are crooks! After getting a reasonable rate quote from them, I transferred my 6 cars to Liberty Mutual. Without the lengthy details, they basically quoted me $4000 a year premium. When I actually sign up, it went up to $5000. Six months later, it was $6000! Beware of their crooked price scheme. Keep an eye on your premiums, especially when they try to get you to auto-pay. My policy is on auto-cancel at the end of this policy period! Good riddance!

Adam of Los Angeles, CA...Jan. 28, 2018
This company (and agent) are dishonest and should not be trusted ... I have learned a lot over this ordeal and hope this review may benefit others. Stay away from this dishonest company! Liberty Mutual are fraudulent hacks and will not back up good people put in horrible situations...Dishonest and scamming are only two words to describe this company.

LaChickia of Bedford, OH... Jan. 26, 2018
Was t-boned by Liberty Mutual insured on 12/21/2017. Claims adjuster wasn't sent out until 1/18/2018!!! I had to initiate communication because the claims adjusters assigned to my claim never called me to keep me up to date with the progress of the claim or provide rental coverage. My rental was covered by my insurance company and had ran out after I had it for 26 days! My car ended up being a total loss and I ended up getting a very low offer for the value of my vehicle. I attempted to contest it and show proof of other vehicles in the area with similar values and LM denied my request. This has been the worst company ever and one of the most annoying experiences of my life. I feel as though I was punished...

Jeffrey of Lexington, NC...Jan. 25, 2018
Why do I pay for thieves. That's what this company is. It should be shut down. Don't get your insurance here. You will regret it.

Olivia of Crested Butte, CO...Jan. 24, 2018
My parked car was hit by someone insured by Liberty Mutual three weeks ago. We have both given our statements and are in contact with each other but neither of our insurance adjusters will respond to phone calls or emails...I have called supervisor after supervisor to try and find out any information without luck. This company purposely delays claims so that don't have to pay money.

Sue of Miami, FL...Jan. 17, 2018
This has been the worst company to deal with regarding a claim where their insured hit me. Bad customer service. Incorrect information given during the entire process. No adjusters available to speak to me...They constantly throw roadblocks in your way to avoid paying the claim and costs related to it. Due to the poor customer service I have received I would never use them for my auto insurance and would not recommend them to anyone else.

Rhys of North Charleston, SC...Dec. 30, 2017
They dropped my mother's car insurance without notifying her...Their reason was an accident and a ticket that occurred two years prior. She was with them for 15 years. She has insurance with another company but still may have to pay a fine with the DMV because the insurance lapsed more than 20 days because she was never notified.

Darienn of Dumont, NJ...Dec. 28, 2017
I will NEVER recommend this company to anyone nor will I ever support them. I opened a policy in September.... I received an email at the end of September saying my policy would be canceled if I didn't send in the forms. I called and spoke to someone explaining that I did send in the forms and the lady was able to find them and apologized that they weren't in the right file so the proper team was never notified. Okay fine.

Mid October comes and I get another email saying my policy will be canceled in 30 days due to MISSING forms in my policy. Funny because the last lady said she was fixing it. Called again - same ** happened - "Oh found the forms, sorry ma'am". This happened two other times. Meaning I resubmitted these forms FOUR times. HOW DOES THE COMPANY MESS IT UP LIKE THAT?? I just received a call today saying I have not been covered for over a month and that I owe money... Excuse me. They canceled my policy because they messed up, without me knowing and had the nerve to charge me a fee!...Unbelievable.

Julie of Vancouver, WA...Dec. 15, 2017
Liberty Mutual is the absolute worst when it comes to customer service and their POLICIES. After experiencing lack of communication and rate increases for no reason... I was rear ended last summer and called to see about getting some help going after the guy's insurance... oh noooooo, that was up to me!!! What was I paying for? I have NO IDEA. Who get's a bill showing a zero balance then gets sent to collections? ME! They aren't going to do anything about it either. The reason I cancelled was because of the horrible customer service. HORRIBLE!!!

Dany of Anaheim, CA...Dec. 8, 2017
I switched my policy to you guys because of the things I heard and my experience has been awful! I haven't been with Liberty Mutual for a week and I was already charged 194$ 6 times, which has cost me overdraft fees and to be late on my bills... This is not great customer service and not a good way to start. I called your customer service and I'm told I have to wait 5 business days to get my money back that was wrongfully taken and on top of that I can't even get a letter or something stating the mistake that was made. The agent who helped me ran my bank account and debit card multiple times, stating that he had internet problems which I guess is the reason why this mistake was made in the 1st place. I need answers and I need a better solution than an apology, that's over 1000$ that was overcharged to my personal bank account and that is unacceptable.

Jeanne of Irvine, CA...Dec. 7, 2017
On Oct. 27, 2017 I was hit in an intersection in Tustin CA by a 25 year old driver...Police did the report, there was an eyewitness. It was obviously his fault as the report and witness stated. Liberty Mutual is his insurance co. In 6 weeks nothing has been done unless I did it. I sent the police report to LM and my co, AAA, and a week later Dionne ** of LM denied my claim stating I made a left turn into him! I assumed she got the names on the report mixed up.

But after some researching, this is LM's tactic. Deny, lie, avoid. Dionne ** is in TX and my car, nor pictures of it have ever been looked at. There was no investigation by them, period -- only the police report that states he clearly was at fault. As a near 70 year old with no car, I feel this borders on senior abuse. Time to go to CDI or court. Unfortunately, all the stress, work and worry is on me, the victim. How do LM reps sleep at night? Must be those perks they get for screwing the innocent.

Colleen of Gaylord, MI...Dec. 5, 2017
They changed my policy by over 800$ in 6 weeks. They informed me thru a email because I had a paperless policy. All the email said was that there were policy changes. Nothing noted on my account said that it was going up... 224 a month for PLPD no tickets or accidents is highway robbery. Very poor customer service. Terrible company policies.

M. of Brooksville, FL...Dec. 1, 2017
Service Reps: Received suspension notice from the state. Liberty Representative said it was handled...Two weeks later license suspended. Liberty had done nothing according to the state. When I called them again they would not provide the information the state requested dozens of times and in writing...Your representative will go dark on you (stop responding) after a few rounds of trying to get common sense information. They say it is due to the legal dept.

Claims dept. They threaten you with imposing lot charges for your vehicle when the body shop is their preferred body shop and by contract they cannot charge customer lot charges. They threaten to cut your rental car if you don't let them tow away your car to auction before they make you an offer...

The culture is rotten. Finding a good rep has become almost impossible. Getting needed information during an issue is taboo...Shyster organization RUN RUN RUN AWAY.

Matthew of Yuba City, CA... Nov. 5, 2017
I have contacted the claims dept twice now with questions, both times have been some of the worst customer service experiences. The last time a wind storm had blown over a tree in my front yard and it fell on my truck...No problem I thought that is what I have insurance for, everything will be OK. WOW was I wrong. When I called up the claims rep at Liberty Mutual she was rude...she just very curtly let me know that this would be counted as an at fault collision so I may want to think about paying for this myself. "How is this a collision," I asked confused, "A tree fell on my truck in the middle of the night." "A tree collided into your truck," she said.

I have since done some research and discovered that a tree falling on your vehicle is considered a comprehensive claim, and this is just a scare tactic used to get out of paying claims.

John and Michelle of New Kensington, PA... Nov. 3, 2017
I would give 0 star if I could. Absolutely horrible claims department. So thankful we are not clients. We got hit by someone who is. Took 2 weeks just for them to look at our car. Deemed it totaled. Still waiting on our claim check.

Bao of Roanoke, VA...Nov. 2, 2017
Liberty Mutual insured hit my rear vehicle and they won't pay for car rental when I drop my car for repair. What kind of the business is it? The insured fault 100%. Do I have to pay out pocket for car rental? Is not my fault. It is a horrible horrible insurance company.

Chester of Belton, SC...Oct. 30, 2017
If you have car insurance with Liberty Mutual please do yourself a favor, call a reputable company.

Bruce of Cleveland, OH...Oct. 26, 2017
LM's insured pulled out of a parking space in a parking lot...he gunned his little convertible right into my brand new car...It has been close to a month since the accident and these people at this major company are trying to beat me out of $170 from an $844 claim! I receive social security, and $170 is a lot of money to me. I doubt if anyone would miss that much out of petty cash at Liberty Mutual...Forget their cutesy little commercials - these people just collect money and won't take care of anything that requires a pay-out - even for a lousy $844.

Jenn of Kingston, MA...Oct. 20, 2017
Not only is LM hundreds of dollars more than other companies for comparative car insurance services, but homeowner's insurance was over a $1000 more a year. They also are not easy to cancel and will continue to take automatic payments out of your account. After this eye-opening experience and reading the review for how they resolve claims, I am glad that I have switched.

Rob of Roslyn, NY...Oct. 16, 2017
Had Liberty Mutual - Auto Insurance for 2 years. My rates have doubled for no reason. I was paying $5,520.00 for 2 cars. My wife and I are both over 50 years old and have no incidents on our driver license for over 10 years. I notified Liberty and they told me that they do not blame for leaving & yet they would not lower their price. They are great at collecting money, NOTHING ELSE. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

Edward of Gladwin, MI...Oct. 12, 2017
After reviewing other reviews posted about Liberty Mutual Insurance it seems that bad customer reviews must be good for their business... I would never call Liberty Mutual for any Insurance. The advertising they will get from me will nullify many TV ads that are filled with promises of hot air.

Jude of Lebanon, CT... Oct. 2, 2017
I've been driving for 46 years. Never had a claim filed against me, no traffic tickets in over 35 years. I recently switched last year to AARPs provider - Liberty Mutual - for the retirees' discount. Instead, I got an increase. I asked why the increase and they said older drivers have more accidents. Of course, I knew that was BS so I cancelled my policy. They did not want to cancel, saying that, as a "senior citizen" I needed a second approval to cancel.
I knew that was BS too, and that didn't work well for them, as I simply accessed my bank account and stopped the payments... So, goodbye and good riddance to Liberty Mutual.

Bob of Roslyn, NY...Sept. 29, 2017
Horrible company!! I paid twice as much as three other auto insurance companies. If you try and reach a representative, they will not call you back... I finally cancelled my policy and was told I did not owe them any more money - then of course they send me a bill for $160.00...Worst company I ever had to deal with.

Leonard of Lawrenceville, GA...Sept. 26, 2017
I have been shopping around for insurance and have found Liberty Mutual to be extremely high...I constantly receive emails and mailers telling me they can save me 600 dollars but when I got a quote they were 600 dollars more than the other quotes I was getting.

John of Peoria, AZ...Sept. 24, 2017
We had Liberty Mutual for 3 years for auto and home. We have no accidents, zero claims, auto pay on time and have good credit. I reviewed my docs upon renewal and found our auto went up 46%. I was actually expecting it to go down since we removed one car and one driver from the policy at the renewal date... was told there were too many claims last year in my state and Liberty Mutual is to increasing rates to remain profitable...I ultimately secured a policy for my home and auto with another company and was able to purchase better coverages for less money than we were paying LM ...Consumers and investors beware.

DONNA of Revere, MA...Sept. 23, 2017
I have used Liberty Mutual as my auto and homeowner carrier for 20 years. I filed an auto claim for the first time since using Liberty, and, by far, the worst experience imaginable... I was never able to make contact with a live person at Liberty in this age of technology. I have never had a more unresponsive and unprofessional experience with any company in my entire life. Please save yourself the aggravation and shop around for another insurance company.

Tyna of Columbus, OH... Sept. 13, 2017
My husband and I had 3 cars insured... my 08 Accord was deemed totaled after my wreck.... Before I even had a conversation with a claims rep regarding price, LM just mails you an agreement that gives you the dollar amount they are willing to give to you for your totaled car. This amount comes with no market research whatsoever. They just hope that you take their low-ball number and walk away from your car. So my fight began...The bottom line is, no customer should be treated like this and given the runaround but these insurance companies just want to give you a low-ball price for your totaled car and hope that you don't push back in any way. So my advice to all consumers out there, don't accept these b.s. low-balled prices and start pushing back by telling these claims reps that it's unacceptable and that they need to provide you with all the market research on cars in your area and then start negotiating... In the end, after I received my final claims check for $1,800 more than what they wanted to give me at the beginning of this process, we canceled our 3 car policies with LM and ended up going with Erie Insurance and saving $950/year.

Tim of Wood Ridge, NJ...Sept. 11, 2017
I am searching for a new carrier after being a Liberty Mutual customer for 3 weeks. Really unethical.

Michael of Livingston, NJ...Sept. 6, 2017
My wife had her first accident in her life, and it was very minor. A scrape at 5 mph. Liberty Mutual informed us the accident was forgiven... When the renewal of my policy was received the rate increased by over $650 per year. I called and spoke to an agent who told me this was caused by an increase in the rate for drivers in New Jersey. I went online and learned there was no increase in Liberty Mutual rates this year in NJ.

I called again and asked to speak with a supervisor, who informed me that the increase was issued so Liberty Mutual could remain solvent and this was shared across all drivers. Again, not true. Each time I spoke to LM, I was given a long winded but untrue explanation of why my rates went up significantly but no attempt was made to lower my rates...

Alisha of Cibolo, TX...Aug. 16, 2017
Apparently Liberty Mutual is in the business of protecting criminals. I was involved in a hit in run by their client. I was able to get the plate number and have pressed criminal charges and filed a claim. It's been almost 2 months. I have done all the work. I got the accident report, pictures of both vehicles with matching damage. Their paint is on my car! They have not called or emailed me once! Apparently they have to give their insured a chance to respond. Their chance to respond was by stopping when they hit me and providing aid if needed to my 3 small children in the back!... Liberty Mutual apparently has a problem of picking up a phone! Protecting Criminals! Their insured is not cooperating with the police! Give me a break!

Marylu of Stuart, FL...Aug. 14, 2017
I received my new policy and had a $50 increase. I contacted them for the reason and was told several separate things increases. The woman explained that my safe driver increased because it was 5 years and the deductible lowered so the premium increased! She then said that the collision also increased. My car is a 2002, I asked how that is possible since even if it was totaled they probably would only pay $3,000. Her explanation was that mechanic charges were the same on a 2002 or a 2017... Really!

I canceled my policy effective Aug 1 which was the renewal date...I am now getting a bill from Liberty for 2 mos premium for Aug and Sept for a canceled policy! How is this even legal. They are a ripoff to consumers and need to have someone check on their ethics. I would recommend anyone to check elsewhere.

Rhonda of Waterloo, IA...Aug. 9, 2017
I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but I would never buy insurance from a company that has such stupid advertising... Also, one of my family members had Liberty Mutual, and they had nothing but nightmares with this company after they had an accident which was NOT their fault.

Paul of Lebanon, IN... Aug. 8, 2017
I purchased car and home insurance online on 7/11/17. After going through a lengthy process, I was directed to pay for the auto insurance before paying for the home insurance. When I paid for the auto, I was then told that I didn't meet their guidelines for home insurance. That didn't bother me as much as not being told until after I had paid for the auto... Since I wanted to have the same carrier for both, I called to cancel my auto. I was told that I would not be charged...When I checked with my bank on 7/12/17, I had been charged...I called and was told that "we have tried 3 times to credit your account, but your bank keeps refusing the transaction". I informed the lady that I had spoken to my bank and that no attempts had been made to credit my account from her company. Her reply was, "We have made 3 attempts and they have been refused. by your bank. You can give me your account number and we can try again. It will take 10-14 business days (14-18 regular days) for the transaction to be completed." I asked why it takes so long for a refund when they can take the money out of my account in less than 5 minutes, to which she replied, "You obviously don't understand all of the work that it takes to refund money." After some back and forth, I realized that I was getting nowhere and informed her that I was contacting the BBB, my state's AG and Commissioner of Insurance.

Emily of Minneapolis, MN...Aug. 2, 2017
I have been a Liberty Mutual Auto & Home Insurance customer for two years...I just had an experience that has turned me off of them forever. I received a call from an unknown number this morning. When I called back, it went to a patient advocacy center, where my advocate informed me I had a past-due medical bill from January 2016. I knew immediately it was from the serious car accident, but was confused why I had not heard anything in 20 months about this bill. My advocate told me that my auto insurance (Liberty Mutual) was not paying the bill due to "not having a claim"... even though I had filed a claim, and my car had needed two weeks in the shop...LM just kept denying to pay my hospital bill...I am so disappointed at their underhanded tactics and disregard for their customers (what if this affected my credit score? Or I became liable for a very, very over-due bill in the future?) that I will be canceling my insurance with them immediately and finding an honest company to insure me.

Jami of Riverdale, UT...Aug. 2, 2017
I was in a wreck a month ago and am still awaiting approval from Liberty Mutual claims department. I've had 3 different claims representatives. I've submitted the information they've requested several times. They don't answer my emails and when I talk to my representative they aren't keeping the deadlines they tell tired of BS they keep telling me.

Christine of Allentown, NJ... July 31, 2017
Company does a bait and switch with their rates. Bundled my homeowners and car insurance policies last year. Premium went from $2,209 to $3,323 on my home. Gave reasons of 1. home increase. 2. older roof. 3. new homeowner discount was taken off. 4. medical premiums have increased (just in case there is a claim on the home). AVOID THIS COMPANY. They increased my auto policy as well but it wasn't worth mentioning compared to the home policy.

S of Redford Twp., MI...July 25, 2017
In 2016 I started checking out insurance companies and call Liberty Mutual who gave me a fantastic quote... I gave them a payment of $400 and two weeks later they took another hundred and some dollars out of my account without my permission... I called up and cancel my insurance and they informed me that I owed them another $266...I don't owe them any money and I don't suggest this company to anyone. I have done nothing but make phone calls. Try and speak to somebody...

Shayle of Broken Arrow, OK...July 25, 2017
If I could give a negative rating I would. If you want to be sued then use Liberty Mutual for your insurance, otherwise steer clear. I was in an accident 2/2016, a Liberty Mutual driver pulled out in front of me and caused a severe accident that deployed airbags. Neither vehicle could be driven away from the accident. My passenger and I were injured, we went directly to Urgent Care for treatment and we were under the care of a doctor for several months. Liberty Mutual has been impossible to work with. We are settling the claim, but for far less than a fair amount. It is a one sided settlement, benefiting only Liberty Mutual. It really should be taken to court, but who wants that hassle... I will never do business with Liberty Mutual.

Andy of Baltimore, MD...July 24, 2017
Switched over to Liberty and bundled multi car auto, home and umbrella. First year was fine, even saved a few dollars by participating in the right track auto program where you plug in the device to monitor driving. Received maximum - 30% savings on some vehicles. Well, guess what? Time for renewal, and my rates get jacked sky high! Had no accidents, tickets, or any changes that would/should impact my rates. Called Liberty and they gave the same lame excuse... the cost of doing business in the state of Maryland has increased so we must pass the costs along...I asked them if the HUGE rate increase logically made sense for my account, but the only thing they would say was the costs went up dramatically for all customers in the state, which I know is not true... please do not give this company your hard earned money or time of day. They will find a way to increase your rates a ton no matter how good of a driver you are, how many policies you have or how many cars you insure...they will continue to increase your rates year over year just because... they stay in business with the steady supply of new customers who DON'T do their research first!... I WILL BE SWITCHING MY POLICIES OVER TODAY.

James of Monument, CO...July 22, 2017
This should be illegal. I'm sure other insurance carriers are not happy about Liberty Mutual stealing customers by using predatory pricing, knowing that they will find some excuse to jack the premium up by a factor of 2 at some point. I will now carefully read reviews and try to find the best price from an honest insurance company.

Dean of Montgomeryville, PA...July 19, 2017
Liberty Mutual Insurance is nothing but an advertising scam. I had their insurance and their advertising claims are an outright, deliberate lie...Their commercials are outright false advertising claims and they do exactly what they accuse other insurance companies of. They lie and steal money. Save yourself a lot of money and frustration and avoid this insurance company at all costs. They are nothing but a scam!

J. of Cumberland, R...July 16, 2017
Liberty Mutual does increase your premium after your first accident. They did it to me. The TV ad is intentionally misleading. It says "For drivers with accident forgiveness" your rate won't rise -- What they don't say is that you pay extra for accident forgiveness and may not even know to look for it. In my case, Liberty Mutual claimed a late inspection sticker qualified as an "accident" justifying the increase. My rate doubled. The rate increase lasted for five years and cost me many thousands of dollars.

Mignon of Laurel Md, MD...July 12, 2017
In 20 yrs I have not cost Liberty anything on car insurance but religiously they raised rates. This year they said it was because of the high rate of accidents in MD. Something that did not affect pricing of Erie, State Farm, Geico and Hartford. I now have equal or better insurance for home and auto which is less than the cost of auto insurance with Liberty.

Glenn of Jupiter, FL...July 11, 2017
Liberty Mutual practices in price gouging, know it.

Kelly of Columbia City, IN...July 10, 2017
I just finished my 90 day Right Track program...When I signed up for this discount program, the lady at Liberty Mutual said upon successful completion, I will get a 25% discount off my monthly premium for car insurance. I contacted the company twice during the 90 days because the device kept recording episodes of 'rapidly increasing my speed' while I was in my employer's parking lot...these episodes happened as I backed out of my parking place, then put car into drive and drove forward through employer's parking lot on way to lunch break. It recorded about 15 occurrences of 0 to 7.5 mph...they said the program is voluntary, and did not have a remedy for this device 'glitch'. SO... I declined the 17% discount due to lack of integrity... I wrote the company yesterday via email and will be returning the device this week. I let them know I would share my experience in product reviews...Some of my co workers believe the device is set up that way so people won't get the better price.

Juanita of Villa Rica, GA...July 2, 2017
I insure two vehicles and a home, totally pissed with the way Liberty is robbing us blind.

AJ of Dallas, TX...June 20, 2017
I am so saddened by the way this insurance company is handling this hail damage auto claim. It has been over 45 days and yet I still do not have resolution. I am a student so of course I do not have the means to fight them legally. You cannot get anyone on the phone. You hear voicemails that state they will call back within 24 hours. Good luck with that! I have called several times... sadly with no response...Just really bad business practices when you are paying them for a service that are you not getting...I wonder how long they can keep claim outstanding without settlement.

Celina of Bronx, NY...June 13, 2017
My premium is $600 a month for 2 cars. My car was vandalized pretty bad. I put in a claim...Long story short it is now 4 months out and my claim has not been approved. I've provided the receipt, I provided a police report, I provided proof of ownership of the vehicle. Seems like every time I provide what they're asking for, something else is needed. Worst insurance ever.

David of New Orleans, LA...June 12, 2017
I am having an incredibly awful time dealing with this company. The more I research and review it, it starts to come into focus. My adjuster, Amanda ** is delaying my claim and, making my life very difficult. The Liberty Mutual customer was at fault and received a ticket. I just want the money for my totaled car and 2-3 weeks of compensation for a rental. I just want the insurance company to take care of an honest American.

Eric of Fenton, MO...June 6, 2017
When Liberty Mutual Says "You'll Get Your Whole Car back." You better hope the person that hits you has insurance because they will find a way to weasel out of fixing it completely. My daughter was hit by a drunk uninsured driver and Liberty Mutual will not fix her car back to its original condition. The claims adjuster fraudulently altered the auto body report to reflect previous damage when there was none.

D of Arlington, VA...June 2, 2017
Liberty Mutual - Auto is incompetent and a thief. Since I've used their auto coverage, I have been lied to, and I believe that Liberty Mutual stole my money. A Liberty Mutual Rep told me that if I signed up in Oct. 2016, I would receive 'one month free on my auto insurance policy' -- a lie. In addition, A Liberty Mutual Rep signed me up without requiring my signature (the REP never sent me the forms), and then Liberty Mutual attempted to raise my insurance rates. I had to explain to Liberty Mutual that I was not signed up officially with the insurance company. There is so much more, but I do not have the space to write. I cancelled my policy in June 2017. My advice to all potential and current customers: Stay away from Liberty Mutual!

LaPaula of Monroeville, PA...June 2, 2017
NEVER would I refer or recommend anyone to utilize any products represented by this company.

Raymond of Auburn, ME...May 30, 2017
This company is a den of thieves. They charged my account twice, even before they supposed to charge me at all, and then did and are still giving trouble over it. Do NOT deal with them or you will be sorry. They need to be investigated to see if this is their norm.

Krizia of Bridgeport, CT... May 26, 2017
I was rear-ended by someone with Liberty Mutual Insurance. They did claim fault for the accident but my first claims adjuster Tara **, was not only rude but often did not return calls or emails. They considered me car totaled which I believe was just a ploy to rip me off, and then offered me 2000K less than it would take to replace my same car. Every part of dealing with this company was a total rip off, and when I told them I was dissatisfied they tried to intimidate me. They turned the already traumatic experience of being hit into an even worse one. I suggest getting an attorney if you are hit by someone with Liberty Insurance. I'm not sure how they are still even a company. They should have been shut down long ago. They basically just steal your car and give you crap for it.

Kathy of Adamsville, TN... May 23, 2017
I'm sure a lot of you have seen the Liberty Mutual ad on TV where they promise "first time accident forgiveness". My husband and I had insurance for them for 4 1/2 years when I was involved in a little fender bender in a convenience store parking lot where I barely tapped the front bumper of a car behind me. After this was reported to Liberty Mutual, they told me my rates would increase. I asked them "What about your advertisement on TV that promises first-time accident forgiveness?" They told me, and I quote, "You have to be with us for 5 years before that kicks in. You've only been with us for 4 1/2 years."I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Our rates were going to increase by $300 for a 3 year period of time... Needless to say, we cancelled and went with someone else who is giving us much better coverage. We had problems with them as well with our homeowners insurance. Within a matter of 3 years, our rate literally doubled. They start out with a "teaser rate" and then hit you really hard. We cancelled that policy as well. I really think something needs to be done about their very misleading advertising on TV...DO NOT BUY INSURANCE FROM THIS COMPANY.

Bogdan of Lawrenceville, GA...May 23, 2017
On February 12, 2017, I was hit by a driver that's insured by Liberty Mutual...I called my insurance to let them know I was involved in an accident and with them on the phone, we called Liberty Mutual to file a claim. We got a claim number and was told not to worry, they will take care of everything...Two months later I decided to talk to a manager since it was getting ridiculous. The manager told me I would receive a call in the next few hours to resolve the situation. Nobody called me for a week. A few days later I receive an email from the adjuster telling me that after reviewing the facts she decided I was partly responsible for the accident and they will only cover 70% of the damage. I told her to look at the police report once again and she told me that the police report is irrelevant. I told her that a judge might not see the situation the same way and she told me that police reports are not admissible in court. Apparently they don't know the law since in the state of Georgia, police reports ARE admissible in court. Now I will have to waste more time taking them to court so I can have my car fixed. For your own good, if possible, stay away from Liberty Mutual.

Jason of Dayton, NY...May 23, 2017
I thought Liberty Mutual was a good insurance company so I decided to switch. I was wrong. Way wrong! Not even a year of being with them they decided to literally Rob my bank account!!!...I canceled my auto insurance with them... Liberty Mutual is considered thieves, I'm the most dissatisfied customer with them that I ever experienced. Do not get auto insurance with them and if you do be very careful.

Jeneen of Martinez, GA...May 21, 2017
We are getting a new insurance company and I am submitting a complaint to the state attorney general.

Dexter of Bonaire, GA...May 14, 2017
Slow customer services. Uncaring agents. Involved in a hit and run. Paid me 3k less than my Jeep was worth and totaled my car out. I was robbed. I received the worst customer service in my 27 years of living. Their agent didn't care at all until my loan company started calling for a check...I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Liberty Mutual. I wouldn't let them insure a bicycle. Highly dissatisfied and disappointed. Honestly, I felt I was robbed.

Mythili of West Chester, PA...May 9, 2017
The whole thing feels like I didn't even purchase the new car replacement policy. They are just trying to shut me with false and ridiculous information. I talked to the PA insurance department and they recommended that I submit a complaint and that is what I did... The Liberty Mutual agent was also telling me if I do not process things quickly, my requests will not go through and I was ballistic at this point since all of the delay was caused by them.

Cindra of Virginia Beach, VA...May 6, 2017
I pulled up my recent transactions through my bank and noticed they withdrew almost $80.00 more for my monthly payment. I called customer service and the agent said there was a slight increase in my yearly premium (I don't think a 67% increase is slight). Nothing has changed, and our driving records are clean, the agent couldn't find the reason for the increase. I was not informed of this...was able to switch companies with a 6-month premium of just over $600, versus Liberty Mutual's new 12-month premium of over $2100 and we get a little better coverage.

Now I'm fighting with them to refund my recent payment for the month the May and they will not. They are trying to tell me their customers are always billed a month late. I'm pretty sure the day I signed up is the day of my first payment. My most recent payment was on May 4 and I cancelled on May 5, I should get that money back.

Ben of Woodstock, CT...May 6, 2017
I was a Liberty Mutual auto insurance customer when I rear ended another vehicle. Upon compact, I got out of my car and got runned over by a passing car that never stopped. I suffered major trauma as a result. I had on my policy coverage for hit and run coverage valued at 20k. Liberty after 2 years, continue to refuse to pay out on this coverage that I am entitled to. They are just an awful company. They claim they stand behind their customers, but only on their TV commercials. I have cancelled my policies and moved on to another agency, as I am now suing them for breach of contract. Stay away from them.

Karen of Charlotte, NC...May 1, 2017
Liberty Mutual has to be the biggest RIPOFF going. This company is not concerned with helping its customers at all. It appears their only concern is fattening the pockets with inflating rates, charging customers these high rates, if something happens where you have to make a claim, lowball you on repair, tell you that it's your fault when it wasn't so they can collect a deductible, to further fatten their pockets and give the consumers the runaround.

Jesse of Oneonta, NY...May 1, 2017
Using auto-pay where they deduct premiums from your checking is a very bad idea. By the time I noticed that my monthly payment had ballooned way beyond what it had been in previous years, I had to scramble to cancel. They had added installment fees and jacked up my premiums. Even cancelling, they managed to extract another $10 in "installment charges". I am tired of calling to complain and getting ignored while waiting on hold. This company will kill you with fees and sneaky rate hikes. When I got the policies originally the broker said I'd save money with EFT auto pay. VERY BAD! My advice is go elsewhere, I got both policies with Preferred Mutual and saved $1200 in the first year.

Greg of Charlotte, NC...April 29, 2017
I have been with Liberty Mutual for about 15 yrs and the rates kept going up. I called to inquire and they told me that the crash tests on one of the vehicles I owned drove the rates up even though me and my wife have no tickets or accidents on our license for the duration of the policy. We are both 50 and our rates should be lower. I had just paid $275 and had to pay another $285 to cancel and was told this was an NC state requirement. This company is total BS and would not recommend anyone getting insurance from them. They totally disgust me. I hope they choke on the money I had to pay them!!!

LINDA of Merced, CA...April 7, 2017
I have reported them to the California Department of Insurance for using false statements, and am going to take everybody to small claims court. Liberty has crossed from bad business practices into criminal behaviour and they should not be allowed to get away with it.

Joanna of Carpentersville, IL...April 5, 2017
The worst insurance company ever! If you're thinking of using them DON'T! Save yourself a headache. We had an accident on Thursday, March 30th 2017. Another Liberty Mutual customer rear-ended our 2016 Mercedes C class. We reported the accident right away and were told that someone was going to contact us within 3 days and give us more information regarding our claim. Guess what, nobody called! We called 3 times and were told our claim was still being investigated.

Finally my husband called the adjuster and sent her an email yesterday, April 3rd. Dead silence. Again...I'm wondering how long it will take to get our car fixed since... I wish we had read all the negative reviews before. So if you don't have Liberty Mutual but are thinking about getting insured with them, DON'T. Trust me, we'll be leaving. Taking all of our policies elsewhere.

Jerry of Longview, TX...March 14, 2017
I went online and applied for auto and renters insurance together. They told me auto wasn't available to me in my area but renters was. They gave me a high renters rate and now call me phone nearly ever hour. They advertise nearly every 10 minutes on a local station not even 60 miles from me on how good their auto insurance is and it is not even available.

J of Gardner... March 11, 2017
The Right Track program is a scam. It's to prove you're a bad driver even when you're not.

Dustin of Rexburg, ID...March 9, 2017
All those looking for car insurance, do NOT consider Liberty Mutual...They are unorganized, back shanking buffoons who don't deserve my money. End of rant.

Richard of Pleasanton, TX...Feb. 25, 2017
I have been with Liberty Mutual insurance for a while... I don't recall getting any notice of a rate change but when I checked my bank account my rate jumped $94 a month to $198.08. Keep in mind I did not change cars. I have not had any tickets or accidents...I contacted Liberty Mutual customer service and they said that there was nothing on my record that cause that change. It's just that in my area in Texas they have more claims and they have to spread that out and make rate adjustments...So my auto insurance jumped over $1000 a year for me being a good driver. I immediately got online and started shopping for insurance. I did go with another company.

Dave of Monroe, NC...Feb. 25, 2017
On the positive side, we found another carrier that will save us almost two thousand dollars a year!!! I just canceled all of our polices with Liberty.

Francis of Warminster, PA...Feb.21, 2017
I was a loyal L.M. customer for years, but in addition to raising my rates over the years...They are either incompetent or purposely frustrating me. I'm done with these people.

Mahbuba of East Lansoing, MI...Feb. 6, 2017
I had Liberty Mutual insurance in the past. It is the worst insurance company to deal with when you need them. I canceled my insurance with them; because the claim adjuster is very insensitive, rude, and unprofessional. Recently one of their insured hit my car while my car was parked. I could not get in touch with Adjuster they sign for me, it has been 3 months the issue is still not solve. The Adjuster was very rude and unprofessional; I never had such negative experience with an insurance company. I had different insurance companies in the past for my car, home. I never had such a negative experience. I would never recommend Liberty Mutual to anyone.

Jana of Washington, UT...Feb. 3, 2017
My husband was hit from behind by a person with Liberty Mutual Insurance while at a stop light. It took 2 weeks for them to get in contact with us about the car despite our numerous phone calls to them. We were assigned to adjuster Tawanna **. Our car was deemed a total loss and they proceeded to send us a settlement offer for wholesale price of our Lexus. The comparable cars that they used for the valuation were cars with 40,000 more miles on them than our car two states away and without the features that our car had. When we provided proof of things that they missed on the valuation (Navigation, Mark Levinson stereo and in perfect condition), they would not adjust the valuation. How can an accident that was not our fault actually COST us money to become whole again??? Awful company!

kristina of Salt Lake City, UT...Feb. 2, 2017
Rental Car, Hesitation on paying for car repairs. OMG! You would think Full Coverage is Full Coverage. It's not! You have to make sure you're also paying for car rental, tow, roadside service. It's time to change to a insurance that has an office where you can go sit down and talk to someone and know that you are covered 100%. I'm not paying for a very expensive company that has No employees, no office, and no time to talk to you. I would think twice before using this company, as I will in finding somewhere better to send my money.

E. of Washington, DC...Feb. 1, 2017
I've literally been on hold with HEADQUARTERS now for over 30 minutes! There seems to be absolutely no one that can provide any assistance. I've been hung up on, told I was going to be called back several times, and it's going on a month since I filed a claim. I've been given the run around, back and forth, etc. It's very concerning and frustrating that someone has to literally BEG a company to do their job. I've spoken with about 4 - 5 different people from this company and have yet to get any answers on moving forward with this claim and getting my car repaired.

It would be really nice to hear back from ANYONE in this company with some actual answers, with actual instructions on what the next steps are. I would absolutely NEVER recommend this company to anyone I know because the customer service is horrible. They honestly make me feel (and judging by the reviews, many others) like they have zero concern for me, my claim, or my time. I feel like they are trying to buy time to somehow work their way around accepting fault and getting my car repaired.

D of Cary, NC...Feb. 1, 2017
This company operates in the most deceptive way. They refuse to cancel insurance and threaten customers with collections if they don't renew with them. They insist you must have their insurance. BEWARE. These thieves will try to bill you even if you notify them that you don't intend to renew. This has been a common complaint by customers with the Better Business Bureau. I advise that if you are looking for insurance avoid Liberty Mutual Insurance, you will be glad you did. Informed consumers should also read other customer experiences written about this company in ConsumerAffairs.

Ann of San Diego, CA...Feb. 1, 2017
I was sideswiped on 1/13/17 on my way to work. Of course the other guy denied hitting me and my insurance (Liberty Mutual) suggested that I just use them to get the repairs done. The adjuster assigned my claim. It took days to respond to emails and phone calls and when the time came to pay for the repairs to my vehicle I could not reach anyone at the company. I also had a claim on my home and the adjuster actually falsified documents writing that she spoke with me on a specific time and date and gave me information, well I was actually on a plane headed to a funeral on that date so there was no way she talked to me but she had the audacity to put that statement in writing. I will change companies once this mess is straightened out and suggest anyone who is considering using Liberty Mutual find a better alternative.

Brandi of Evansville, IN...Jan. 24, 2017
I was rear ended by one of Liberty Mutual's clients on 12-13-2016 and it took weeks to even begin to get anywhere with this company...This is the most unreasonable and horrific company I have ever dealt with as far as automotive goes. It is ridiculous to be rear ended and it is no fault of your own and they will not even replace your damage with genuine parts! I would never recommend them for anything and I hope you all never get involved in a collision with a driver who has this insurance. I cannot say one positive thing about them. They were also very rude in all of their interactions.

MONICA of Tallahassee, FL...Jan. 11, 2017
NEW CAR REPLACEMENT IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, its a lie. They do not replace your car. They only pay for the damage one. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT... I lost a 2016 Ford Explorer in weather damage. They are evasive and secretive to explain what is they are paying for, took them 58 days to pay lien holder, adjuster do not want to explain, I have ask her many times to explain the payments and she is not willing to explain. I call customer service and all they tell you is the claim adjuster will explain, it never happen. They are only to pay whatever they please to. Liberty Mutual is a fraud and liars.

Andrea of Mount Juliet, TN...Jan. 7, 2017
I was hit in October 2016 by an irresponsible driver. His car was immediately totaled. He was in a company car and his commercial insurance is Liberty Mutual. After the accident was filed the driver and Liberty Mutual accepted full fault. My son and I received chiropractic treatment. Liberty Mutual called and was very nice offering immediately to pay all medical. As soon as medical was settled they no longer took interest in trying to settle my auto claim in a timely manner. I sent my car to a body shop who deemed it a total loss and refused to repair the extensive damages. They assigned me an adjuster, Kwame, who immediately sent me a small amount check and attempted to close the case.

After several weeks I could no longer reach Kwame and finally got Liberty Mutual to assign me another adjuster. They assigned me Jasmine. She was never available or at work. Eventually I could no longer reach her as well. The list continued with Brian, Gregory, Nicole... all of which would not settle my claim in a timely fashion.

Today is January 6, 2017 and I still have not received the promised check from Liberty Mutual for the total loss of my vehicle. They refused to continue paying my rental car after January 3, but have not issued a check to me for the loss. I would be hesitant to ever purchase Liberty Commercial Insurance as their customer service is terrible. Phone calls and emails are not returned in a timely manner from the commercial total loss Allen ** team and Timothy ** team. I have been sent in a circle for months thru more than 10 people and my claim still isn't resolved.

Della of Ocean Springs, MS...Dec. 21, 2016
I was sideswiped by a big rig insured by Liberty Mutual. After 6 months of calling, emails, voicemail, etc Austin ** finally tried to get me to settle. He was very adamant about the amount of money he wanted to offer me. Granted the not informed employee did not even have all of my medical records. He tried to get me to settle without having all of the paperwork. This company is a joke. It is the worst Insurance Company I have ever had to deal with...I don't see how this company can even be run today. It shouldn't even be able to have a license to call themselves a company or an entity. These are the worst people I have ever encountered. If you want a runaround, people not returning your calls, not responding to any emails, ignoring you, being rude to you and simply not giving a damn then this is the company for you.

C L of Weatherford, TX...Dec. 21, 2016
First, this was not our insurance as it belonged to the person who ran a red light and hit us. Tamika with Liberty Mutual ended up being the rudest, most disrespectful person I have dealt with in insurance.The woman, I believe made up her mind about our claim prior to even talking with us. Of course that took a couple weeks to even get her or anyone with Liberty Mutual to call back...They offered us of course the bottom line dollar, tried to blame damage to the vehicle on us and not because of the wreck. She promised email paperwork after being prompted to do so. That never arrived after multiple times giving our email address, said she mailed paperwork that never arrived.

Debbie of Redmond, OR...Dec. 21, 2016
Went to Hartford. They was $100.00 cheaper per month and more coverage. Today I received a call from their collection department of Liberty Mutual and they had always took it out our checking account of $187.95 every month. On the month I called them to cancel they decided to take out $225.92... then they call and want me to pay them for another month. Now they say "you was always behind one month because you have auto pay..." Funny thing is they got the money every month even when I first started... Guess I picked the wrong insurance company like their commercial say.

Julie of Warren, MI...Dec. 20, 2016
Been with Liberty Mutual for auto coverage for years. All good until you make a claim. After someone hit me in the rear and took off the company increase my insurance. When I called and inquired about their "Accident Forgiveness" they informed me that the TWENTY-FIVE DOLLAR increase a month was not due to my accident but due to a increase for ALL insurance carriers. Called AAA and asked if this statement was true to fact. NOT!!! The representative lied to me! Before you sign with Liberty decide if you want a insurance company that false advertises "Accident Forgiveness" and lies to clients as well. Also, before this accident my driving record was impeccable. No tickets, no accidents!

Molly of Independence, KY...Dec. 14, 2016
My complaint is they failed to supply my bank with paperwork that I was adequately insured meeting my loan requirements. They caused problems that made the bank threaten to terminate my loan. It took several calls, and much aggravation, to get the issue resolved...

Michael of Las Vegas, NV...Dec. 10, 2016
If you're thinking about the Right Track program with Liberty Mutual, don't even waste your time. You'll end up getting yourself into more dangerous driving situations trying to qualify for their highest discount as they monitor your daily driving habits using absolutely absurd criteria. During the 3 months I had the Right Track device in my car, it would have been humanly impossible to drive anymore passive than I did. Slow acceleration... Slow braking. I was conscious of this everyday in my short 10 minute commute to work and on weekends. When I received my results, I was charged with 470 events of rapid acceleration and 350 odd events of hard braking resulting in only a 5% discount.

I don't know how I could've even received a discount at all with a score like this. Then I looked at the detailed events that counted against me. 99 percent of the rapid acceleration events were from accelerating within 10 miles per hour from a dead stop or idle position as the following examples will show. 1.2 mph to 8.7 mph; 0.6 mph to 8.7 mph; 1.9 mph to 9.9 mph...They do not want to give you a discount. This is false advertisement to lure new customers and false advertisement to keep customers like myself who intend on cancelling the insurance for being overpriced and greedy...I'm contacting a lawyer, going to be doing reviews, and I'm going research any and all governing entities that would be interested in this unethical scam, false advertising, and invasion of privacy (or misrepresentation of it).

Trisha of Forest Park, IL...Dec. 9, 2016
Liberty Mutual canceled my auto policy without my authorization and mishandled processing of refund and sent it to the wrong party. Liberty Mutual refused to recover the stolen funds from unintended party. The Customer Care Specialists were hostile and insisted that I pay the premiums again in order to correct the mistake they made

John of Oxford, MS...Dec. 9, 2016
I am writing this review not as a Liberty Mutual customer but as someone damaged by one of their customers (rear ended by a LM policyholder). This occurred Feb 2016. Liberty Mutual has shown a stunning lack of any responsibility in this matter. Even though my wife was rear ended at a traffic light by one of their insured, Liberty Mutual has steadfastly refused to cooperate on even a minimal level with this matter even though fault is not even remotely in question... It took seven months for Liberty Mutual so settle on just the auto repair bill with State Farm and for us to get our deductible back. They have yet to make any offer to settle the full amount of the emergency room bills my wife suffered as a result.

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